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Selling Horse Property

We offer an unmatched level of knowledge, experience and negotiating skills to see transactions through to a successful closing.


Selling? We design a custom marketing plan for your unique  property— featuring what is important to horse property buyers.  We coordinate professional staging and photography at no extra charge and show larger parcels of land via UTV’s.

Considering putting your horse property on the market?  Read this before you do.

Unless you already own the farm of your dreams, chances are you’re going to end up selling your farm or buying another property in the future.  In many instances, horse farms are not market ready as they stand.  Unless your farm is more stallion show barn than working facility, it will most likely require some form of staging, updating or repair.

Your goal should be to make the property look as good as it can.  No one wants to buy a property that’s been neglected.  Deferred maintenance issues, fencing issues, poor ground management problems can all reflect negatively on your property.

In to get the best value in the shortest amount of time, your property needs to stand above the rest.  You’ll want to repair fences, pick paddocks, keep aisles swept and stalls clean, and ensure that gates and barn and stall doors open and close smoothly.  Storage and tack rooms that are full of mice, debris and feed sacks, clean them out.

If it’s muddy, use extra care to prevent paddocks from becoming mud lots – that’s not the first impression you want to make on a buyer.  Early Spring is a good time to keep your horses off the grass as much as possible as it is beginning to come in for the season.  Manage your natural grass carefully as a green pasture paints a pretty picture.

While the equine facilities are the most important part of the farm, don’t overlook the home and yard.  Many farms are purchased by a horsey wife and a non-horse husband (or vice versa).  The property has to please both.

To make the home as attractive as possible, it needs to be de-cluttered – that makes it look larger.  Kitchen countertops should be bare, closets purged and organized, and kids’ rooms tidied up.  In general, present a neat and clean house to the buyer.  A real estate agent can often make recommendations for specific updates and repairs as well.  Think of you as a buyer, too.  What would you expect to see?  Be objective and put yourself in a buyer’s shoes.

Early Spring through mid-Fall is the prime time for marketing real estate in our area.  So if you haven’t begun the process of getting your property on the market already, early in the year is a good time to begin.

Price is probably the most crucial factor in getting a property noticed and sold.  Studies show that it is very important to price a property correctly from the start.  Overpriced properties have trouble attracting the serious buyers who have done their homework and are educated on inventory and pricing conditions.  If your plan is to “start high” and reduce your price later, you may find that you have already lost the attention of the most serious buyers.  Statistically, properties priced according to the market sell for 2% more than properties that were priced high to begin with.

Still, if you list your property and aren’t getting interest, you’ll need to make adjustments. If a property is in excellent condition and shows well, but isn’t getting any offers, it is time to lower the price.  It’s also possible you are not getting any offers because you are ignoring a major flaw – maybe a condition issue or a really poor first impression.

However, it may be that you simply haven’t found the right buyer yet.  Because horse properties are so specialized, it can take some time to find the right buyer for your farm.  Don’t attempt to “game the market” by alternately putting your farm on the market and then taking it back off.  Leave your property on the market and wait patiently for your buyer.

While some owners try to sell their properties on their own, there are good reasons for using an agent.  In addition to the numerous contract and disclosure issues, the time investment needed to successfully market a property is far beyond what most people have available.  If you are serious about selling your farm, an agent can be a valuable ally.  Statistics show that having a realtor more than makes up for the percentage that is paid in commissions.

Take some time to choose the right agent to represent your property.  Find one that specializes in horse property.  It’s a niche market and you need a realtor that understands what is important to buyers.  If you are selling a horse property, selecting an agent that specializes in that is critical, just from a knowledge base.  They know what horse people are looking for in a farm and can use their marketing skills to highlight the best points of your property.

Find an agent that knows your neighborhood’s horse features, knows the recreation opportunities such as trails and access to public lands, and can promote those features to the equine enthusiast.

The majority of mountain area agents by now have completed a new designation pioneered by the Mountain Metro Association of REALTORS.  This designation is called the Certified Mountain Area Specialist and provides a unique body of knowledge including water rights, legal access, and zoning regulations, to name a few.  Look for a mountain REALTOR who is completing this designation.

Once you have a selection of real estate professionals to chose from, interview each candidate.  A potential agent should be happy to meet with you and present a customized plan for marketing your property.

You should also have a discussion with potential agents about your selling motivation.  Real estate agents have different selling and marketing styles.  You should get along with your agent and respect each other’s philosophy.

Selling real estate of any kind these days is a significant financial decision.   If you have a farm to sell, use this opportunity to find the right REALTOR, and make the needed improvements to your home, barn and land to get noticed once you put it on the market.  Call us today to discuss marketing your property!

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