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Archives for May 2014

No Land, No Horse – Campaign to keep land for horses, hay, riding trails and venues

Please consider this important campaign to help plan and zone our communities to keep horses accessible to everyone.  As our communities become more urbanized, we increase the distance between people, animals and land.  As horse people, we know the importance of our connection to them, the land and what it does to the inside of us.  We also know the wonder in the eyes of our guests when we share our horses with them.  

No Land, No Horse

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Indigogo Donation Site: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/no-land-no-horse

Tomorrow, a boarding stable will close its doors and be converted to residences. Next week, a competition venue or horse trail will exclude horseback riding. Next month, hay fields will become a shopping center.

Horses are disappearing from our cities and suburbs. Access to horses and the opportunity to ride is being lost from the everyday lives of millions of people, especially children in cities & suburbs.

Imagine a generation that will not have the ability to pet, ride or see a real horse. The possibility is becoming more real every day.

That’s why it really does “take a village”  to effectively plan for horses in our local communities.

With your help, ELCR can help ensure the future of horses in your city or town through the development of a Planning for Horses in Your Community Toolkit.

The Impact:

The stark reality is that horses and stables are being crowded out of most cities and suburbs in the U.S. by population growth and poorly planned development.

All it takes is some organizing and planning. At ELCR we can help you get organized and develop a plan to keep horses in your community.

The ultimate goal is to work together to ensure that horses, stabling and horse-related activities are available in close proximity to the cities and the suburbs, where the majority of our population live and work – today and in the future

Who We Are:

ELCR is the only award winning, national not-for-profit organization that exists solely to help ensure a future for horses and hose-related activities in our communities.

Celebrating its 15th year in operation in 2014 — the Year of the Horse, ELCR has helped thousands of horsemen and women protect access to horses by saving horse farms, boarding stables, competition venues, riding programs, and trails. We are ready to help you and your community, too.

Learn more about us at www.elcr.org

Our Project:

Specifically, our project involves developing a Planning and Zoning Toolkit for horsepeople and others concerned with the loss of horse lands. It will provide users with the tools they need to understand comprehensive planning, land use mapping, zoning ordinances, and the effects these have on horse keeping and other horse-related activities.

The information provided in the toolkit will help individuals do the following in their communities:

  • Understand and become engaged in the local planning process
  • Successfully activate their equine community
  • Educate partners and decision makers on the benefits of horses
  • Help community planners understand how to successfully include horses and horse-related activities in local planning efforts

Armed with the knowledge and right tools and resources people can be mobilized to protect their local equine places and spaces.

We need your help to produce the Planning and Zoning Toolkit. We estimate that the project will cost $5,000. Your support will help us develop the toolkit and distribute it to horsemen and women around the nation that need help conserving the lands they love.

Kentucky Performance Products has generously pledged to match the first $1,000 raised in our campaign, so please help us meet this initial goal!

Other Ways You Can Help:

You can also help us by sharing this appeal and the link to our campaign with your horse club and horse loving friends so that we may keep horses in every community. To find out more about how you can support the cause, visitwww.ELCR.org.

All gifts made to ELCR are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Thank you for your support and for helping assure a future for horses in every city and town.

Red Hawk Ranch in Conifer – Family & Community

Spotting a tractor for sale on the side of the road as a little girl, Sarah exclaimed, “STOP! We have to buy that tractor for our farm!”   Although Sarah did not grow up on a farm or need a tractor at the time, it has always been her dream to have a ranch. Now a mother of three, Sarah and her husband Galen Phillips are living out their dream of raising their family on a ranch.

This time last year, Galen and Sarah asked Sarah’s parents, Mike and Ruth Butterfield if they could come over and talk over an idea. They presented to them a business plan they had put together to buy the old Diamond Sky Ranch in Conifer and turn it into a family ranch for all of them to work together. After considering what that would mean to their life, Mike and Ruth wanted in.

With many low offers being considered by the bank that owned Diamond Sky, realtor friends of the family talked to the bank and helped them negotiate the purchase. Galen worked to get the zoning changed to A-2 from commercial and the forty acres become their Red Hawk Ranch.

Galen worked as a contractor for years and presently, in addition to working with his families security business, he is the ranch manager at Red Hawk Ranch. Mike has been a Lieutenant with South Metro Fire for twenty eight years and helps with the ranch operations. Sarah a nurse and Ruth a teacher by trade, manage the books for Red Hawk Ranch.

Galen grew up in Conifer showing cattle, sheep and hogs. He is a natural hand with horses with a background in rodeo events. Galen is a student of ranching and cattle and they are working to build a modest herd of cattle to supply the area with locally raised beef. The fifteen acres of timothy will help supply the horses and cattle with feed.

Red Hawk Ranch provides boarding for a maximum of fourteen horses, but their main horse focus is to have active arenas with a focus on training. Tucker Black is training out of the facility and putting on clinics and the 4-H Traildusters group is using the indoor and outdoor arenas two to three times a week. In addition to improvements on both arenas and the barns, including adding a wash stall and fully remodeled restroom, they are working to put in a PA system for clinics and shows.

Sarah’s sister Becky rode at Praying Hands in Parker for twelve years for fun and as therapy for her Autism. With a direct connection to the benefits of equine therapy, Ruth and Sarah are looking into offering therapeutic riding out of Red Hawk Ranch.

It didn’t take Mike the fire Lieutenant long to figure out how to handle the twenty acres of timber. Long overdue for management, a local Wildland Team Certification was held at the ranch to not only practice and prepare for wildfires, but to start cleaning up the forest portion of the ranch.

Fulfilling Sarah and Galen’s dream to have a ranch, the four of them work to make it

a nice, functional working ranch for their family. Owning such a place with all of its amenities and possibilities, Mike, Ruth, Galen and Sarah recognize how blessed they are to have the property and want to share it with the community by meeting needs where they can.   Look for more events and offerings to come!

Galen and Sarah just had a baby girl, Kylie on May 2nd who joins her brothers Colton and Gage.

For a small fee they are offering open riding on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am – 6pm. Contact information: Galen 303-523-8698, galen@rhrconifer.com or Mike at 303-829-3594 or mike@rhrconifer.com. Visit their website for the latest, www.rhrconifer.com. 12754 US HWY 285, Conifer, CO 80433.