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Cavalia Odysseo and Horsecapades

We went to see Odysseo this past Sunday with tickets that we bought at the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank fundraiser  October 3rd.

Odysseo was truly amazing.

I have always been a little weary as a horse person going to see one of these kinds of productions.  Kind of like watching a movie about a horse or with a horse as a major part of the story.  If you are a horse person, you get distracted by the horse aspects that are cheesy, unrealistic or just would never happen in real life.  You can pick out the actors who really don’t know how to ride, hoky language… you know what I’m saying.  You just wish they would have just hired a “Horse Consultant” to keep it accurate, right?

That said, as a horse person, I enjoyed Odysseo immensely.  The horses were beautiful, well cared for and happy.  All of the riders were accomplished, many were excellent and a few were extremely talented.

I thought it was a wonderful tribute to horses, their connection with people and just the beautiful and magical animals that they are.  All of the performers are obviously devoted to the horses and the training that would go into the performances.

The musicians and performers were top notch and made the most complex and strength demanding feats look easy.  The production itself was incredible with costumes, lighting, props, scenes and a stage that absolutely world worthy.  By the way, it is a intimate theatre and I cannot image there is a bad seat.

I heard that some of the Odysseo trick riders went and watched the Westernaires trick riders during their stay.  They learned some new tricks and/or way to do some of the moves from the Westernaire trick riders, which is fun.

Now we are looking forward to going to Horsecapades this weekend to see our very talented Westernaires perform their feats!

Horsecapades October 25-26, 2014

***Buy tickets at the door or from any Westernaires member at our local stores.***


Saturday, Oct. 25: 10AM, 2PM*, 7PM*

Sunday, Oct. 26: 2pm*

*Pre-Show 30 minutes prior

Denver National Western Events Center
47th and Humboldt, Denver, Colorado.

YouTube Preview Image

Horsecapades happens but once a year. For the thousands who have attended since 1949, the Westernaires Annual Show has become a tradition spanning generations. As Autumn settles in and snow appears in the Colorado high country, the Westernaires family opens its doors to showcase the hard won skills of hundreds of the most tenacious young people in America.

A Cavalcade of Color.

Horsecapades, as it is also known, is a professional performance of the largest precision drill riding group in the world. High speed, precision horsemanship in a dazzling array of costumes. Bullwhips and rope tricks. Flaming batons. Historical battle reenactments. Astonishing trick riding. All performed by young people who have chosen the road less traveled. While others take up more common sports and activities, the youth of Westernaires work year round at honing skills that represent the best traditions of the American West.

A Glimpse of the Past.
A Vision of the Future.horsecapades-25

By attending the Westernaires Annual Show, you’re not only seeing a Wild West Show unlike any on earth. You also help support the work of generations of Westernaires volunteers endeavoring to equip the leaders of tomorrow. While character, teamwork and self discipline are an even bigger part of Westernaires than horsemanship, the horses’ feed, farrier and veterinary care come at a cost. Horsecapades is a major part of raising the funds that have kept the organization running for 65 years and counting.

Come see the show, and you’ll soon want to make The Westernaires Annual Show a part of your family’s yearly tradition.

Colorado Corral Ranch Race & Western Dressage Weekend!

IMG_2145 (1)w

Jessica & Courage



IMG_2096 (1)w

Western Dressage Clinic with Kelly Hendricks







Thank you to all of the participants and sponsors for the Colorado Corral Ranch Race & Western Dressage Clinics & Competitions!  Unless you have been under a rock, you are well aware that the contagious disease, Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) has put a big damper on equine & bovine activities this year in our region.  Because of the VS, our numbers were down as expected, but it was great to be able to get together in our amazing Colorado weather to enjoy our horses!  With Dr. Baird of Mobile Veterinary Services checking each horse upon arrival, we went vegetarian this year and did not bring any cattle in to further reduce our risk.  Thankfully, we were still able to donate $100 to the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank with our proceeds.

There are slide shows of the Western Dressage & Ranch Race pictures, on the youtube channel – MtnHomes4Horses, under the “Community Horse Events” playlist.  A huge thanks to Kelly Hendricks & Tucker Black for donating their time as clinicians, to Dr. Baird for checking the horses for VS, to Chris Sletten for scribing for our judge Beth Geier, to Canyon Tack & Feed for the great goodie bags and to Big R for more fun stuff!!!

IMG_2181 (1)w

Amelia & Bueno

Please tell them thank you for supporting and give them your business!  We look forward to next year and hopefully no VS!