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Restaurants and Bars

Lariat Lodge Brewing Company

Visit Lariat Lodge Brewing Company Website

Work: (303) 674-1842

Address: 27618 Fireweed Drive  EvergreenColorado

Sit N Bull Saloon

Visit Sit N Bull Saloon Website

Work: 303-697-4523

Address: 5450 Parmalee Gulch Road Indian HillsColorado

The Bagelry

Visit The Bagelry Website

Work: 303-674-1413

Address: 1242 Bergen Parkway EvergreenColorado

JJ Madwell’s

Work: 303-838-1440

Address: 26412 Main Street  ConiferColorado

Brooks Place Tavern

Visit Brooks Place Tavern Website

Work: 303-816-1499

Address: 25577 Conifer Road #100 ConiferColorado

Country Road Cafe

Visit Country Road Cafe Website

Work: 303-674-1178

Address: 26490 Colorado 74 EvergreenColorado

The Bistro

Visit The Bistro Website

Work: 303-674-7670

Address: 27376 Spruce Lane EvergreenColorado

Da Kind Soups

Visit Da Kind Soups Website

Work: 303-674-7687

Address: 27883 N. Meadow Drive EvergreenColorado

Creekside Cellars

Visit Creekside Cellars Website

Work: 303-674-5460

Address: 28036 Colorado 74 EvergreenColorado

Lakeshore Cafe

Visit Lakeshore Cafe Website

Work: 303-674-1463

Address: 29011 Upper Bear Creek Road EvergreenColorado