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Double Header Performance Horses

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Work: 3039186367

Address: 29107 Fleming Road EvergreenCO

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English & Western lessons & training, lease situations – Specializing in Reining, Roping & Working Cow Horse.

Offering boarding on 90+ acres with wonderful meadow.

Summer camps offered!

Here at Double Header Performance Horses we strive to create the ultimate all around horse.  Although we specialize in reining and cow horses, we expect all of our horses to have a good mind about doing anything we ask of them.  Whether its riding around in the arena or out on the trail, our horses are well exposed to all of it.  We strongly believe in changing up our training routine to keep the horses mind fresh and focused on the job at hand.  Natural horsemanship is a large part of our training ideals.  We do not use or promote a certain method over another, but rather combine them all and use bits and pieces from each method.  What works for one horse may not work for another horse and we want to be able to best help every horse that comes into our program.

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